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Around the world, children and adults have enjoyed the books and illustrations of Peter H Reynolds. His mission from the beginning has been to encourage both young and old to follow their own mark, to be brave about finding your talents.  Dot Central embodies the spirit of PHR and his mission

  • Learn about Peter and maybe meet him
  • Buy his books, his creative tools and other gifts and books to help you explore your journey
  • Official home of International Dot Day
  • Can't stop in...then buy online ---the official place to buy autographed PHR books as well as his posters and International Dot Day supplies
  • Concierge service for creativity hampers and gifts
  • Special school programs available (Diana's concepts?)
  • Links to twitter, instagram, pintrest, and facebook

Come and connect dots with people and ideas.  

Enjoy Peter's favorite blend of coffee at the expresso bar.