AUTOGRAPHED - Going Places by Peter and Paul Reynolds

AUTOGRAPHED - Going Places by Peter and Paul Reynolds


Written by Paul A. Reynolds and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds

Award-winning collaboration by twin brothers Peter and Paul, Going Places is adapted from the original animated film, “Above & Beyond,” which was produced by FableVision in partnership with the Partnership for 21st Century Skills ( - this book has a different ending, but the same heart.

A go-cart contest inspires imagination to take flight in this collaboration with twin brothers Peter and Paul.

It’s time for this year’s Going Places contest! Finally. Time to build a go-cart, race it—and win. Each kid grabs an identical kit, and scrambles to build.

Everyone but Maya. She sure doesn’t seem to be in a hurry...and that sure doesn’t look like anybody else’s go-cart!

But who said it had to be a go-cart? And who said there’s only one way to cross the finish line... 

40 pages Published in March 2014 by Atheneum Books for Young Readers

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7 Awards!

The original video is below.